What is VizBoard and this page about?

Understanding and interpreting Semantic Web data is almost impossible for lay-users as skills in Semantic Web technologies are required. Thus, information visualization (InfoVis) of this data has become a key enabler to address this problem. However, convenient solutions are missing as existing tools either do not support Semantic Web data or require users to have programming and visualization knowledge. We propose a novel approach towards a generic InfoVis workbench called VizBoard, which enables users to visualize arbitrary Semantic Web data without expert skills in Semantic Web technologies, programming, and visualization. More precisely, we define a semantics-based, user-centered InfoVis workflow and present a corresponding workbench architecture based on the mashup paradigm, which actively supports lay-users in gaining insights from Semantic Web data, thus proving the practicability and validity of our approach.

This page gives a slight overview of the doctoral project which is carried out at Heinz Nixdorf Senior Chair of Multimedia Technology at the Faculty of Computer Science at the TU Dresden. In the following, you will find an overview of publications and presentations which provide more in-depth information about the project. Further, we link our first prototypes and list the involved persons. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the project or may have some questions.


What we are doing?
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How to try?

Only a brilliant prototype can demonstrate the concepts and illustrate the benefits of our approach. Therefore, we are currently working hard to get a complete demo of VizBoard based on the CRUISe platform running. Until then, you can check out our Weighted Faceted Browser which allows for an intuitive search of visualization components and our concept to assist the user to understand the compiste InfoVis application. Furthermore, you can have a look at the first version of our visualization ontology. Stay tuned.

Video herunterladen: User Assistance (MP4, 1080p)

VizBoard comprises concepts to assist the user in understanding and working with a web-based, composite InfoVis application. This includes explaining visualized terms, to showcase how InfoVis widget could be used, or to indirect communicating with other users by commenting the shown data. The video gives an introduction of the main concpets.

We propose the Weighted Faceted Browsing, which seamlessly extends the existing faceted browsing paradigm. Besides basic filtering capabilities it provides a sophisticated relevance ranking of the result set based on the distinction between mandatory and weighted optional search criteria. We proved its practicability within the information visualization workbench VizBoard in which it allows for searching visualization widgets.

SMTvis Blog with information about the VISO and the VISO it self


Who is creating VIZBOARD?

Doctoral Candidate

Dipl.-Medieninf. Martin Voigt
h martin.voigt [a] tu-dresden.de
r (+49) 351 / 463 38037
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Supervising Professor

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Meißner
h klaus.meissner [a] tu-dresden.de
r (+49) 351 / 463 38517
l Link

Helpfull Colleague

Dipl.-Medieninf. Stefan Pietschmann
h stefan.pietschmann [a] tu-dresden.de
r (+49) 351 / 463 38589
l Link

Helpfull Colleague

Dipl.-Medieninf. Jan Polowinski
h jan.polowinski [a] tu-dresden.de
l Link

Assisting Student

Nikolaus Piccolotto
h nikolaus.piccolotto [a] gmail.com
l Link

Assisting Student

Robert Trepte
h roberttrepte [a] googlemail.com
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Assisting Student

Jun Sun
h yfiua [a] qq.com
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Assisting Student

Salman Sadaqat
h ssadaqatt [a] gmail.com
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Where I got my money from.


This work is partly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under promotional reference number 01IA09001 until April, 2012.
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This work is currently funded within the Topic/S project by the European Social Fund / Free State of Saxony, contract no. 99457/2677.
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